Why did Jose come to the US? Jose was brought to the country by his parents when he was 2.5 years old. When Jose turned 18, he decided to continue living in the US instead of going back to Mexico, a country he never knew.

Doesn’t Jose just become a citizen since he married Haley? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Haley applied for Jose to receive his permanent residency through the IR1 visa process. If Haley was not a US citizen, he wouldn’t have been able to take this necessary step.

Since Jose has his permanent residency, does that make him a citizen? No. We hope to apply for his citizenship in the next three years.

What is the I-601 waiver? “If you are inadmissible to the United States and are seeking an immigrant visa, adjustment of status, certain nonimmigrant statuses or certain other immigration benefits, you must file this form to seek a waiver of certain grounds of inadmissibility.” (Taken from https://www.uscis.gov/i-601.) In simpler terms, in order for us to apply for Jose’s visa, he basically needed to get approved to apply.

Why did Jose have to travel to Mexico? Because Jose entered the country illegally as a child, he had to return to his country of origin in order to undergo a health exam and an interview. He was thankfully granted his visa.

What is DACA? It stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Children who were brought to the US could apply for this prior to President Trump’s decision to rescind the program on September 5, 2017. The program did exactly what its name suggests – the government cannot remove individuals from the US who are DACA-protected. More information on DACA can be found here: CLICK!