To Ciudad Juarez We Go!

We’ve officially started packing and prepping for our road trip to Mexico. This will be the very first time that Luisa meets her abuela, and the very first time we travel out of the country as a family.

We’ve waited for what seems like forever to be able to travel to Mexico together. This will be the first of many trips we make. We have so much of Mexico to explore and many more family members to visit. We can’t wait to embark on this new chapter. We are looking forward to making lots and lots memories together and most importantly, showing Luisa her papa’s country of birth, and making sure she knows all about her Mexican heritage.

For our first trip to Mexico, we decided to travel to Ciudad Juarez where much of Jose’s family lives. We were debating whether we’d fly or drive, but ended up thinking that a road trip would be more fun! And, we have so much baby stuff to bring, the thought of going through an airport and crossing the border bridge with it all kind of gives me anxiety. We have a lot of stuff! Luckily, we have two car toppers we can cram stuff in.

Because we’re driving to Mexico, we had to do some extra research to make sure that we have everything we need to cross over. If you’re ever interested in making the trek to Mexico yourself, you’ll need Mexican auto insurance, a tourist visa (if you’re not a Mexican citizen), and a temporary import permit (if you decide to travel outside of a border town). Because José and Luisa are Mexican citizens, I was the only one who had to get a tourist visa. Also, I’d highly recommend making copies of your passports, IDs, insurance, and vehicle registration. Just in case we get stopped or they ask for this information at the border, we’ll have extras.

On our way there, we’ll be making a stop in Kansas and a stop in New Mexico so we can get some rest. We’ll be arriving into Ciudad Juarez on Valentine’s Day, and Luisa Corazon will be able to see her abuela for the first time! It will be a day we’ll never forget—our Corazon seeing her abuela for the first time on Valentine’s Day. How perfect is that?!

If you have an Instagram account, follow both Jose and I — @josethepresidente and @haleygabrielle7. We’ll be posting about our road trip as we go, and using #GalarzastoCdJrz20. Join us for the ride!

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