When Things Get Ruff

I never understood the stereotypical “crazy dog person” until I became one myself. Our two dogs are my babies, and the majority of the photos on my phone are of my two pretty pitties, Marble Azul and Paloma Gris. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’re going to be inundated with photos of them!


If anyone knows Jose, unlike me, he is not a planner. He likes to do things on a whim, and he often surprises me, and I do my very best to just roll with it—haha! That’s how we got Marble, our first dog. One day after work, Jose told me to come outside, and when I did he had a puppy in his hands. We never previously discussed adding a fur-baby to our home. I was kind of just thrown this adorable, blue-eyed, shark-toothed puppy. He was the cutest little demon baby I had ever laid my eyes on. 🙂


Then, not even two years later, Jose’s brother’s dog had puppies. Initially, we weren’t planning on taking one until we decided last minute to bring Paloma home. She’s a sweet girl, but she can definitely hold her own.


While our home is hectic with two puppies running around, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


When I get sad, or life starts to get overwhelming, I swear Marble knows. He does this thing where when I stoop down to his level he puts his head directly into my chest, and it’s like he’s giving me a long hug. He could do this for forever until I get up off the floor. Or, sometimes, he will literally sit on my lap, the entire 65 pounds of him while I hold him. And, when I’m dozing off on the couch, he will scoot his body close to mine just so I know he’s there.


Paloma is still a crazy puppy, but she loves people, and she loves to constantly be held or touched. She loves to fall asleep in our arms while we cradle her like a human baby. The other night, she woke up super early, so we had her lay with us in our bed. She fell asleep between Jose and I, and I felt her little head cozy right into the cranny of my neck.

Marble and Paloma of course do not know the struggles we go through in trying to get Jose’s citizenship, or the other trials we go may go through on a daily basis, but they can sense when we are stressed or sad or just need them to be there. They make the tough days a little easier.



This post is a dedication to our fur-babies and all the other fur- mamas and papas who completely understand why we’re such big fans of Marble Azul and Paloma Gris.

Much love,


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