Thanksgiving 2020

This year we get to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Last year, we were unable to as Jose was in Mexico. It was challenging, but we did it. I know many people are celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year (as are we) because of COVID, and while it may not be the exact same, I understand what it’s … More Thanksgiving 2020


While I wouldn’t want to ever go through the frightening process of Jose going to Cd. Juarez for his visa interview again, it was such a grounding time that truly made us realize what’s really important in life. As a family, it taught us lessons that I often like to look back on especially when … More Grounding


If someone would have told me 10 years ago that in 2019 I’d have a baby AND have to fight for my husband’s permanent residency, I would have laughed. And then, if they would have told me that I’d somehow get through it all, I don’t know if I would have believed them.  Life is … More Thanksgiving

How Are You?

I’ve been dreading this week– the week Jose has his interview at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez. I feel thankful that it’s coming close to being over with, but there’s always this black shadow behind me that reminds me of the “what ifs.” What if he isn’t granted his visa? What then? I’ve been trying … More How Are You?

2 Weeks

Jose will be gone in two short weeks for Mexico, and I’m struggling. I’m getting more and more overwhelmed at the thought of him leaving as each day passes. Jose helps me so much around the house and with Luisa that it will be an adjustment to not have him around for a few weeks. … More 2 Weeks

November 26

November 26 is the date Jose will be interviewed in Ciudad Juarez for his visa. We’ve been waiting for this date to come for three years now. When we received the email stating that November 26 was the date, I was flooded with a mixture of emotions—sadness, anxiety, worry, excitement, happiness. I knew this date … More November 26

Mama Bear

Towards the beginning of our relationship, Jose and I made a dinner reservation at Octane to tell my mom that he was undocumented. At the time, I was SO nervous to tell her. Looking back on it now, I don’t know why I was. My mom, a protective mama bear has always been concerned about … More Mama Bear