How Are You?

I’ve been dreading this week– the week Jose has his interview at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez.

I feel thankful that it’s coming close to being over with, but there’s always this black shadow behind me that reminds me of the “what ifs.” What if he isn’t granted his visa? What then? I’ve been trying my hardest to not let my mind wander there. Luisa’s been keeping me busy, and I’m grateful that my mom has been staying with us to keep us company. We also had a visit from my sister, Sadey this weekend. I’ve had a number of people reach out to me to check-in to see how I am and it’s SO appreciated. To the people who really ask how I am, and continue to talk to me when I say, “Not that great.” Thank you.

I’ve been really struggling the past few days, but I’m doing my very best to forge ahead. I want my husband home, and I want Luisa to be able to touch her papa’s face in person rather than touch his face on my phone while FaceTiming.

I want this all to be over with it hurts. It truly hurts. I want us all together again.

I know we’ll be able to see him soon. We just have to get through these next two days, and then he’ll be able to buy his ticket home in a few days. We got this. I know we do.


One thought on “How Are You?

  1. Still praying for success, especially tomorrow as José goes to the consulate! May he find favor with all those he encounters!


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