2 Weeks

Jose will be gone in two short weeks for Mexico, and I’m struggling. I’m getting more and more overwhelmed at the thought of him leaving as each day passes. Jose helps me so much around the house and with Luisa that it will be an adjustment to not have him around for a few weeks. Thankfully my mom will be staying with me while he’s gone which will be a tremendous help, but it’s the change in our typical routine of things that worries me. I know Luisa will be excited to spend more time with her gramma, and I’ll have someone to watch and talk about This is Us each Tuesday night with—haha!

The unknown is scary. Jose and I are both remaining positive that he will be home in a few quick weeks, but there’s always the “what if” that lingers in the background. What if they don’t grant him his visa? What will our lives look like then? How will we manage without him for a year or maybe even more? I try my hardest to not let my mind wander there because it is truly too much to handle.

It’s one of those life events that really grounds you. I know everyone can relate to this. It’s those things that happen in your life, good or bad, that make you realize what’s really important.

Typically around this time of year I’d start to panic about the upcoming chaos of the holidays. It’s always stressed me out— trying to buy presents for everyone, how in the heck we’re going to try and see three different families in one day, even worrying about what outfits we’re going to wear…

But then Jose’s interview date comes along, and all of those things fall to the wayside. What’s most important is that our family is together. I just want our family together, and I want Jose back home.


One thought on “2 Weeks

  1. Our family went through this very sane experience. It was something I would never want to live through again but oh so worth it. Hang in there and have hope that things will work out. Please tell your husband to talk to no one and Judy focus on his interview. People are sneaky down there but be confident in the process.


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