Thanksgiving 2020

This year we get to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Last year, we were unable to as Jose was in Mexico. It was challenging, but we did it. I know many people are celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year (as are we) because of COVID, and while it may not be the exact same, I understand what it’s like to not be sitting around the table with those you love. I experienced this firsthand last year. It sucks. It sucks to have to celebrate any holiday with your family virtually. I promise you that we’ll get through this, too.

We’ve been silent on our blog as of late as not much will change for us for the next several years. Jose’s permanent residency is valid for 10 years. Our hope is that sometime within 4-7 years, with counsel from our lawyer, we will apply for Jose’s citizenship. Our journey is nowhere near over, but for now, it seems as if the tough part is behind us. 

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for being together, our health, our home in Rockford, and our families near and far. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! No matter how you’re celebrating, I can guarantee you that there’s some glimmer of goodness to be grateful for behind all of this muck of 2020.


The Galarzas

Photo by Victoria Ascue Photography

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