Out and About

Last week, Jose and I had the opportunity to speak to the Junior American Literature class at Harlem High School.

We were truly grateful for the students’ interest and the questions they had for us.

Our goal is to keep educating people about our story and crushing general misconceptions about undocumented immigrants.

I think Jose and I make a superb speaking duo, and we had a lot of fun!

Student Photo
Us with Harlem High School American Lit. Class
Teacher Photo
Us with Teachers Mr. Lueshen and Mrs. Jumapao


Haley Speaking

Also, how professional are we now with business cards? People have started to ask us for our contact info., so these will be super handy when we go speak to more groups.

A big thanks to Lauren Vanags Davis for hooking us up! 🙂

Biz Cards

Much love,


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