Visa Update

We received an email last night from the National Visa Center (NVC). The letter noted that they’ve received all of the necessary documentation for Jose’s visa case. We are now simply waiting to receive his interview appointment date in Juarez. The letter states that all appointments are scheduled within three months of NVC receiving all paperwork. We can expect another letter from NVC with Jose’s interview date by March, but it does not necessarily mean he will be traveling that month. The consulate in Juarez is backlogged, so it is possible that it may take longer for us to receive the appointment notice.

Once we receive the letter, it is our decision if we want to reschedule his interview date or not. In our eyes, it is only pushing back the inevitable. Jose has to travel to Juarez at some point in time, or he will never get his visa. Best case scenario—he will only be in Juarez for two weeks. Worst case scenario—he will be in Juarez for one year while we start the waiver application all over again. We will make our decision as the time comes, but for now, we think that he needs to go as soon as possible so we can get this behind us.

I’ve been hiding tears all day today because I can’t stop thinking of him leaving, and not only me this time, but a tiny Luisa, too. I find comfort in knowing that he has family in Juarez, and he will be okay. He will be able to finally see his parents. And, we will see him again. He will still be here with us on this earth—just 1,500 miles away. I have family, friend, work and community support. And, when he does leave, I will have half of him here with me in Luisa. I swear she is going to look like a mini Jose. We will all be okay. This is not permanent.

It’s hard to wrap your head around. It’s tough to swallow and understand. I’m doing my best to trust life’s journey. I know that God and the universe already have this all planned out. I’m trying to be strong for Jose, but to be honest, he’s been the one who’s been strong for me. As I left for work this morning, I started crying as I was saying bye to him. He gave me a hug and said I was making his heart hurt, but that it will all be okay. We take everything day-by-day, and I try to stay in the present.

Our love for each other is SO strong. I know we will be able to conquer this. We will continue to cherish every single minute we have together, enjoy the holidays and excitedly wait for Luisa Corazon’s arrival.

A few happy photos from our recent baby shower!

Photos by Mark & Carly Photography.

Baby Shower (17 of 150)

Baby Shower (100 of 150)
Photo mash-ups of what Luisa will look like. Apparently, she may come out with a full beard–haha!

Baby Shower (104 of 150)Baby Shower (110 of 150)Baby Shower (113 of 150)Baby Shower (117 of 150)

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