Full Steam Ahead

It’s been a little hectic at the Galarza home with the holidays. We have been meaning to post a blog sooner, but with hosting Christmas eve and New Year’s eve parties, we’ve been running around like crazy people. Throw in busy work days, and trying to workout three days a week, too—phew!

Check out our super cute Christmas card this year!

Holiday Card.JPG

And our, New Year’s eve kiss!

NYE Kiss

AND, to top it off, Jose and I were placed on Rockford Register Star’s People to Watch in 2018 list. I was ecstatic when we were asked to partake. It’s humbling and an honor to be on a list among other wonderful Rockfordians. We love our city! It was so AWESOME to see our picture on the front page of the paper. You can check out the entire article here: People to Watch 2018.





Now the update on Jose’s waiver–

Mid-December we received a letter in the mail stating that USCIS received our application, and that it is currently in processing. Shortly after, we received a letter with a date for Jose to get his fingerprints taken. For most every application for USCIS, fingerprints are needed. It’s just one of the preliminary steps. Jose drove to Waukegan to a USCIS Application Support Center the day after Christmas to get this done.


Everything went smoothly, and it took about 10 minutes. In the past when Jose has gone it has taken longer, but I think that the fact that he was scheduled on the 26th made things super speedy! Now, we wait. We were told we would receive an answer in about 4-6 months. Once we receive the approval, we can move forward with the application for Jose’s visa. Again, if you have questions about what the waiver is, etc., visit our FAQ page here!

Things are moving along.

As we head into 2018, we are remaining optimistic, but of course we are scared. It’s a weird feeling. No one can give us a for sure answer on what will happen in Mexico. It’s also bittersweet. We’ll be able to travel internationally for the first time together, and Jose will be able to see his parents. Also, I’m looking forward to walking the few blocks from his parent’s home to get homemade gorditas! Haha!

It’s a lot to take in, and when I think about it too much, I often find myself in tears. It’s tough, but I know we can handle whatever gets thrown our way.

We appreciate all of the support we’ve received.

We love you!


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