How Can You Help?

One of the frequent questions Jose and I usually get is, “How can I help?”

It’s humbling to know that so many people have stepped up and offered to stand beside us in this journey. Here a few things we thought of that you can do to help!

  1. Most importantly, educate yourself and others around you. Do you know what DACA is, and that President Trump made the decision to end it? Do you know that even when an undocumented person marries a US citizen that their spouse is not automatically granted citizenship? Knowing the simple responses to questions like these helps so you can stand up to people who spread false statements about undocumented immigrants. Talk to Jose and I. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even we don’t know everything. We are learning with you! For starters, want to learn more about DACA? Press here.
  2. Stand up for undocumented immigrants. Maybe you’re at a holiday party, and you hear someone say something inaccurate, or just plain mean. Join their conversation, and remember to be patient and kind. Will everyone agree with you? No. But, saying something makes them think. It challenges them.
  3. Contact your representatives. In the Rockford area, reach out to Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Rep. Cheri Bustos, Sen. Richard Durbin, and Sen. Tammy Duckworth. Fortunately, these reps have already shown their support in some way for Dreamers and the Dream Act. Is it still worth it to call them? Absolutely! Tell them you know someone who is currently protected by DACA. Share our story if you want. It makes things personal for them. They need to continue to fight. To quickly contact those representatives who are considered to be the swing votes, visit By the click of a button, you can be calling their offices. Focus on calling these people until they take action. If you’re uncomfortable with calling, write a letter! Tweet! Urge them to pass a clean Dream Act. Congress needs to act before March 5, 2018!
  4. Send prayers, positive vibes, love, and light. To some this may sound cheesy, but our future is uncertain. If Jose is not granted his visa in Mexico, some major changes will need to be made in the both of our lives. Prayers and good energy can only help at this point.
  5. Cherish different cultures. My parents raised me to be respectful and amazed at other’s cultures. Fortunately, I learned a lot about the Mexican culture growing up, and then, I ended up marrying Jose. Tamales, enchiladas, and frijoles for life, but seriously… 😊 While the majority of those people who have DACA are from Mexico, there are people who were born in different countries who also have DACA. Teach your kids about diversity and its beauty. Amaze them at all of the different colors, smells and tastes of different communities. Raising our youth to be accepting of everyone only makes our future brighter.



2 thoughts on “How Can You Help?

  1. Hello! First time I see the blog, thank you for sharing the story. I am also a Rockford resident and under DACA. More then ever I can relate to you and Jose. Soon I will also start process for residency under my future husbands petition, a U.S citizen. I truly wish for all to go well for you two. I’ll be sending prayers, and positive vibes your way.
    Buena Suerte!

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    1. Thank you so much for writing! I pray everything goes well for you and your husband. Much love to you guys. Check in with us later! I’d love to keep updated on your process. We’re here for you, too!



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