Oh, Baby!

Baby Pee
We had to take three tests just to make sure… Haha!

Many of you already know that we are expecting our first baby in February! We are expecting a beautiful baby girl, and we could not be more blessed. And, we already have a name picked out—Luisa Corazon Galarza. I think her name is SO fitting knowing what we have to endure as a couple, and as a family. Luisa means “renowned warrior.” Corazon translates to heart in English. Our sweet, little warrior heart…

Baby Adobo
Celebrating our two year anniversary at Adobo Grill in Chicago!

While this time holds so much excitement, it unfortunately doesn’t make our immigration journey vanish or easier.

While we told close family, friends and coworkers about our pregnancy first, our immigration lawyer was also one of the first people to know.

We have already applied for Jose’s visa interview in Juarez, and now we are simply waiting to get a letter back in the mail which states when Jose needs to travel there. Since I am pregnant, we have made the decision to have Jose travel to Juarez after baby is born. We have been told by our lawyer that we can reschedule the initial interview date Jose is given if it is prior to baby being born. Waiting will ensure that he will be able to see the birth of our first baby.

Yes, Jose still has to travel to Juarez even though I’m pregnant. Waiting is not going to make anything easier. If anything, it’s going to make it harder.

I’m scared. Scared that he won’t be able to come back home and help me raise our baby girl for the first year of her life. I try not to think about it. I know I would have family, friend and even community support, but no one can replace my husband.

More than anything though, I’m remaining optimistic. We’re remaining optimistic. I constantly envision picking Jose up from the airport as if everything went smoothly in Mexico. Honestly, I can’t even envision anything else. And now, I can add a sweet baby in my arms at the airport, too.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I paused for a second, and immediately asked Jose, “…but what about your visa?” And I followed up with, “Me being pregnant is going to make everything even more complicated.”  While my words hold some validity, I wasn’t thinking about the baby at all. I was thinking about myself and Jose. Of course, Jose instantly had the perfect response— something along the lines of, “Our baby is never going to be a burden. We will get through this.”

So, we will conquer this, and I know Luisa will be in for the fight, too. She’s definitely got some warrior blood in her.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Oh, Baby!

  1. I loved reading this new chapter of your story. I’m pleased you two are viewing this optimistically. I’d say you all 3 have some of that “warrior blood” flowing through your veins! You will overcome! Love you guys!


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