It’s Tough

On June 28th, Jose’s Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver got approved.


So, now what?

Now, we need to apply for Jose’s visa. Once we apply, we will wait to receive a letter in the mail which states when Jose will have his interview in Juarez, Mexico.

In Juarez, he will be given a medical exam and then, he will be interviewed by a US consular officer. He will find out directly after the interview if he will be granted his visa or not.

Best case scenario—He will be granted his visa. Then, Jose’s plan is to visit his parents in central Mexico where he will wait for his visa to come in the mail. We’ve been told by our lawyer that he may be in Mexico for about 2 weeks. Once he gets his visa, he will fly back to Chicago. Once Customs lets him in at the airport in Chicago, he is officially considered a legal permanent resident—yay! If this happens, you can fully expect a party at the Galarza home. (I’m thinking A LOT of tacos, and overflowing margaritas…)

Worst case scenario—He will not be granted his visa. Jose would then travel to where his parents live, and he would not be able to come back to the US for at least another year. During that year, he will need to work to reapply for his visa approval. If he is not approved his visa a second time, he is automatically barred from coming back into the US for another 10 years. This means that I would then be moving to Mexico after his second visa rejection. It’s scary, and such an awful feeling to know what the worst case scenario is. I hate it.

People joke that I often love to take on challenges. It’s either that, or God knows I can handle whatever is thrown at me. This is the biggest challenge I have had to deal with in my life so far. Not knowing what is going to happen is crippling.

This whole immigration process—it’s never something you feel like you can fully chew, and when you try to it’s extremely tough to swallow.

I’m not sure this will ever get easier until it’s over. I know it’s not something I can constantly dwell over, and make myself sick about, but lately it’s been hard because I know his interview is only getting closer.

Just like anyone in a happy, healthy marriage, I NEED my husband here. I depend on him for so much, and he’s truly my best friend.

We both know that now is the time to work to get him his citizenship. Unfortunately, waiting is not going to make the situation any better.

I am thankful for friends and family, and all of the kind people in our community who show their support for us. It makes this treacherous climb a lot easier.


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