It’s Tough

On June 28th, Jose’s Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver got approved. So, now what? Now, we need to apply for Jose’s visa. Once we apply, we will wait to receive a letter in the mail which states when Jose will have his interview in Juarez, Mexico. In Juarez, he will be given a medical exam and … More It’s Tough

The Wife of a Minority and Immigrant Small Business Owner

Being the wife of a small business owner comes with its ups and downs. Being the wife of small business owner who is a minority and an immigrant comes with a whole other level of complexity. Let’s get the hardships over first— Responsibility – Of course, with any job you have a large amount of … More The Wife of a Minority and Immigrant Small Business Owner

The Waiting Game

I’ve never been a very patient person. Jose knows this best that I hate waiting. Waiting for a task to get done around the house, waiting for my package to arrive from UPS, waiting to hear the results on a test—just in general waiting. In part, I think that’s why this whole immigration process can … More The Waiting Game

Mi Amor

As of February 6th, we’ve been married for 1.5 years. While the 1.5 years sure have not been easy, we’ve done a hell of a job. YOU’VE done a hell of a job being an awesome husband. As an owner of a small business, you work tirelessly to not only provide for us, but for … More Mi Amor


As I write this, I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for all of the people who have stepped up to share our story, or their own stories with us. Just last week, I had a coworker come up to me, and tell me that he too went through a similar process that … More Change